LFD Mk IV vs Hegel 100

Hi everyone,

Having predominantly monitor designs... Currently, a pair of Opera Callas', does anyone have an input as to which integrated would best match these highly detailed but non-fatiguing monitors?

I have the LFD Mk IV; have had the NCSE; superb integrateds- but would love a remote control and seeking a musical but accurate integrated to best complement my current system. I have a Hegel HD11; and hence my interest in the Hegel design.

Thanks in advance....


p.s. Feel free to list other integrated designs; but preferably SS due to ease etc.
I've never heard the H100 but I'm picking my brand new H200 this afternoon, which sounds amazing with my Harbeth C7es3's. I preferred it much more than the Luxman L505u, Ayre AX7, Marantz PM-11S2 and actually even the Ayre AX5. Never heard the LFD's but read many good things about them.
I've seen a couple of H200's come up for sale on Agon at good used prices by people who are trading up to the H300 so you might get yourself a deal. I bought new because my friend happens to own the store so I'm willing to sacrifice some money towards his success.
I have the H200 and it sounds great paired with diverse monitors. I have Harbeth Compact 7es3's as well as Devore Gibbon 3xl's. The Devore's are probably closer to your Operas in terms of detail, etc. They are amazing when paired with the Hegel. No fatigue whatsoever while revealing nuances before unheard with prior set ups.
Jwhiii56, I'm two hours into a brand new H200 and I've got to say that this integrated is zero fatigue and blowing my mind already. Inplayed The Police Synchronisity, Shuggie Otis Inspiration Information and now some Melody Garrdot and will probably break out some Steely Dan and then dive into jazz later.

I won't get into details yet but unless this thing catches my house on fire I'm selling my tube integrated. I can use the money towards something else. For the money it really is quite special.
Jpbas1, I think I recall member Mountainsong owning the H100 at one point. See if you can look him up on here. I recall that he is a huge fan.
what about the unison integrated amps? i have the nuovo and it sounds great.
being the same company there might be some synergy there.
There was a glowing review with the Unison and Opera Callas in last months Stereophile. SS just works a bit easier with my lifestyle; where listening time is a rare commodity.