Lightning quick DYNAMIC amp in the under $1000 range

Hi guys, slowly upgrading my system on a bang for the buck budget. Anyone know of a musical, dynamic amp for under a grand? I would prefer new, but if anyone knows of a good deal on the used market, that could work, as well.
aberyclark, just to be clear, did you use the Prebox s2 directly into the STA200, without SYS? I am asking as I thought about purchasing the prebox to use directly  with my STA200. Thanks.
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bstatmeister OP
May need to add the Schiit Aegir to the list now that it’s available. It’s $100 more than the Vidar, but supposed to sound better overall as long as you don’t listen at high levels with inefficient speakers. The Vandy 2Cs are 88db efficient and I do like to listen loud once in a while, so if I wanted to go this direction, I may have to monoblock them, however if I do this
Don’t!!!!! bridge them, you gain wattage only, sound quality takes a hit.

Horizontal Bi-amp instead, put the Schiit Aegir on the mids and highs of the Vandersteen 2C for the best sounding Class-A mids and highs, and get a cheap 100w Class-D with level control (to match level to the Aegir) for the bass, they’re good for that. (maybe your behringer pro-amp) and use your preamp as the master volume control.

Cheers George
read your model 2 manual on the recommendation to use identical transfer function amplifiers IF you vertically bi-amp
otherwise you can kiss time and phase goodbye.....