Linbrook system II

I notice some good deals on the Linbrook system II being offered both in terms of price & shipping however I am not as familiar with these as the Taylo Ref & the Lin sigs.
I gather these are a full 3 way or are they a 21/2 way? What crossover points do they use?

How do they compare in the midrange with the Taylo ref & the Lin sig?

Obviously they have lots of bass & good efficiency but are they as tight in the bass as the Lin sigs & do they go as deep?.

Is the lower midrange as good as the other two speakers or is it a little on the warm side if so how much meaning slightly, moderately or to a greater degree? . Similarly, is the mid bass as tight as the other two models .and lastly.

How is this speaker better than the other two & how is it worse…in other words what are the pluses & minuses?.

Any recommendations would be appreciated .I would normally be headed towards the Linbrook signatures which is still less even with the stands however I live in Canada & shipping two big boxes up here plus a third could more than offset the $300 saving.Plus the free shipping could rally help keep the price down.

One advantage with the 8 ohm impedance is I an running a tube integrated which delivers more wattage into a 8 ohm load than a 4 ohm load .The Lin system II is a easier load for this amp despite the 4 ohm taps on the TII which still ends up with drawing less wattage from the amp.

So given all this, please weight in any of you that are familiar with these three.. Also email me privately with your responses if your more comfortable with that.

Thanks again

Bill Mc

Kelowna B.C.

Hi Bill, I own the Tyler Acoustic PD80s. These are the performance line and use different drivers. I would think they sound very different than the Linbrok Sigs, but I can offer some information to you. Ty came up with his own crossover designs and from what I have experienced, in my speakers, he does a very good job. The PD80s are excellent sounding speakers... great imaging, very detailed, NO harshness, they look great, and of course because of their size, deliver a HUGE soundstage.

Ty is an excellent person to deal with and has a great relationship with the freight companies, so shipping to Canada will be much easier than you may think. I am in Calgary, Alberta and he got my 500 pound monsters to me quickly and without any problems.

Call Ty and discuss your needs, he'll answer all your questions. Also, feel free to email me if you think I can offer you any other advise from a consumer standpoint.

Good luck in your search !!!