Line array speakers

I have a moderately wide (16 feet) and long (45 feet) room but with only moderate ceilings (8 feet). Is this a good candidate for line array speakers?

Any suggestions of makes/models?

Absolutely. Line arrays actually make use of the ceiling (and floor) reflections to create an infinitely long source, so the ceiling height isn't a negative. I'd look for something with a dipole radiation pattern that won't excite the room across its short dimension. Keep them 2' from the side walls, then bring them out 15' from the front wall for a mind-blowing sense of depth.
At present, with the high demand of entertainment, as well as events in Vietnam are becoming increasingly professional and larger scale. Not only is listening but also enjoying music. So, the events, the stage today are gradually turning to the trend using the array loudspeakers professional. If you use the hall audio system, that is the best option for you.
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