Linear Tube Audio Aero DAC

I would be extremely interested in how this sounds once released. Small write-up below from PTA below which can be found here:

I was on the hunt for the new Linear Tube Audio Aero DAC ($3,600) on CAF Day One and spoke with founder Mark Schneider. Mark explained that they really hadn’t intended on designing a DAC, but fate, technology, and a key supporting cast presented itself. With a steep learning curve, outside help, and alignment of the universe the Aero DAC was born. This R2R ladder DAC uses the ZOTL output stage, zero negative feedback, and isolated power rails. I’ll report more on how this reasonably priced tube DAC sounds in the Day 2 show report once I track it down.


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I own and know others with their products and great design mind of David Berning many times to assist in engineering . I f they are using Lundahl transformers 

then it would be very good ,but I am sure it will sound very musical 

tube output stage I would think .

I heard it at CAF as well.  I thought the room sounded great, but like the poster above I can’t suss out the sound of the DAC apart from the system.  That said, the system sounded very musical to me.  Not harsh; no glare.  I could have stayed in the room enjoying the sound for a good long while. 

It’s using the Analog devices 1865 Multibit dac chip 

one per channel would be optimum , Mojo audio take it to the limit 

on their upper dacs for comparisons  ,different topologies though 

ithought maybe LTA would offer Lundahl transformers like they do in their preamp 

as a option but guess not , Mojo does ,and uses the same Bellison regulator 

forgery clean power , for sure itwill be smooth and detailed , your choice of 6 sn7 

tubewill dictate some of its tonal balance ,since millions of these tubes were made .NOS, it should be interesting .