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Some thoughts on ASR and the reviews
I hold views that Amir would dispute (well, has disputed above), eg, re significant audible differences in PCs.  I nonetheless greatly appreciate ASR and the work that Amir does.  I think it’s an important part of the audio community that deserves... 
SabrinaX vs JA Perspective2 Graphene
Congratulations!  I am still loving mine.   
I’m looking for an sleek integrated amp under $15k
@aj523 I have and love the Boulder 866 w/DAC.  No onboard phono.  I don’t know about sleek, but it definitely has a look that I appreciate.  It’s not particularly deep.   If it wouldn’t fit in your cabinet, I’d imagine that some of the other candi... 
Should You Leave An External Power Supply On 24-7?
I have an LTA linear power supply.  LTA told me to leave it on 24/7.  
Linear Tube Audio Aero DAC
I heard it at CAF as well.  I thought the room sounded great, but like the poster above I can’t suss out the sound of the DAC apart from the system.  That said, the system sounded very musical to me.  Not harsh; no glare.  I could have stayed in t... 
聖HIJIRI Users thread
Just wanted to chime in.  I ran into Colin of Gestalt Audio at CAF Saturday.  It was wonderful to meet him, put a face to a name and talk for a bit.  Such a pleasure to do business with Colin. His room sounded great.  When I heard it, it was cable... 
@charles1dad Thanks for the kind words.  Yes, I'm feeding the LTA and the Boulder with Takumi PCs, and using a Hijiri HDG Million AES/EDU between the Pro-Ject and the Boulder.  The Takumis, in particular, may be overkill, but I really do appreciat... 
Another vote for the Pro-Ject RS2 CD Transport.  I run it to the DAC module in a Boulder 866.  In A/B comparison, it bested by far my Oppo 105, as it should given the price point, which I had been running digital out to the DAC in the 866.  The Pr... 
Songs with excellent advice?
+1 @wsrrsw   — WB with the Disposable Hero’s of Hiphopracy, correct?  Love it! I nominate Feel the Groove by Little Feat and Within You and Without You by the Beatles   
ONE MINUTE Premium Power Cable Survey
@nosualc +1  
聖HIJIRI Users thread
@lalitk Thanks so much for the full explanation.  I take your point about different cable shining depending on the frequency.  BTW, that looks like an amazing set of speakers.  Thanks so much for taking the time to explain.   
Spending a month's salary
@tee_dee i have a Boulder 866.  I love it. Great sound, power, and flexibility (mine has the DAC).  But if my budget were 20k, I think I’d go with something a bit cheaper for the integrated amp with built-in DAC.  I haven’t heard them, but the Heg... 
聖HIJIRI Users thread
@lalitk would you mind giving more detail on your tri-wire set up?  I’m particularly interested in why you chose the three different types for the various applications.  Thanks in advance.   
聖HIJIRI Users thread
@lalitk thanks for the kind words.  I’m really happy with how my system sounds now.  Are you using Hijiri speaker cables?  I’m shopping for new speaker cables, but haven’t heard much about the Hijiris, vs the Hijiri power cable. Thanks in advance ... 
聖HIJIRI Users thread
@gochurchgo I've had two Takumi PCs in my system for a few weeks now.  I find them very musical, but also accurate with no bloom (a descriptor I associate with tube equipment I've had and enjoyed).