Linear Tube Audio- Little Known Great- Linear Power Supply

I bought one of these LPS for both  my  Sonore and uptone Ethernet converters  rather then  use the cheap wall warts , I have found the LPS make a big difference in my system and others who have tried the Linear tube Audio brand we had a audio shoot out  with 9 guys in our local audio club this is 7 volt  and a Whopping 8 amps ,they can make these to over 20 volts if I need before streamer or server. I had a Fidelizer I used which is very clear and open but no warmth or too neutral , this Linear LPS beat 5 different models by 7-2 margin this included the uptone audio LPS with dual outputs, as well as Sonore , both were more $ monies . This unit I bought direct on Audiogon for $700 , Teddy  pardo was another, a model from little green computer  and a 4 year old Mojo audio which btw came in 2 nd with 2 votes . It was the naturalness and soundstage expansion that was most apparent ,imaging too had more weight . Low level detail , the Linear tube brought out details from the background more to the forefront where you can hear much more into the mix. One thing I do want to mention , during the review I removed the after market 5 amp slow blow ,20 mm synergistic purple fuse ,with writing on the fuse facing the front when installing ,I  put in the stock buzz fuse .   For the shootout .  To make everything equal .  As far as build quality No contest the Linear tube trumped everyone , at almost 6 pounds, the others had mostly a 30 Va transformer and 30-50 k in capacitance . The Linear tube Audio LPS has a 100 Va low noise transformer , over 125k in Nichicon capacitors that’s more then some amps !  It has 3 inductors for filtering with the capacitors for the incoming AC , as well as the DC on the output , it does one more thing attached to a heat sink the Worlds best Belleson Super regulator to keep everything super low noise and stable. 
regarding  after market fuse Highly recommended, mfr stock fuses are a Huge bottleneck coming in they are zinc - steel and brass around 18 on the conductivity index ,the top fuses around 60 , by having far lower resistance much lower noise. Floor coming in , the internal filtering  has a much clearer signal to start with . My friend has a Linear tube LPS  on his router as well which  is 12 volt like most today that are modem- router combos , he brought this over to demonstrate on my router ,any wifi signal is far better  and for Audio from my New motorola 8702 modem-router which btw has docsis 3.1, older routers have 3.0 docsis ,the 3.1 is many times faster, much bigger buffer ,I have No drop outs now and excellent wifi range.,  the audio for streaming was much better cleaner much more pristine  sounding he has a Synergistic purple fuse in his LPS which makes everything a bit warmer more natural, and just makes every aspect of the performance more natural. Yes $200 is a lot for a fuse but to me as a Audiophile well worth it . One more thing a respectable power cord is a must ,stock cords compress the soundstage .I use Pangea best awg14 sig mk2  using the           Cardas 6-9s Copper and very beefy Copper gold connectors for $200 an easy recommendations even in dacs,preamp, powercords if you don’t want to spend $$ the Pangea Ac 9 SE it’s actually awg7 using Cardas best wire at $350 a true bargain . On my home page I have pictures taken with the cage removed to see the    
top notch construction of the Linear Tube Audio LPS  made in MD USA 🇺🇸 which to me is a Huge plus .