Linestage needed

Hi, I have recently purchased an Aethetix Rhea with reference mods done by Great Northern sound of which I am very pleased. The linestage is provided by an AR sp9 mklll
also with ref mods by Gnsc. The problem is the sp9 is inherantly noisy, by that I mean when you attenuate the volume without source there is a hiss from both speakers equally. Now without buying the Calypso to go with the Rhea is there another linestage out there that would not be noisy and not cost a fortune? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Can you send the AR sp9 mkIIl back to AR so they can investigate ?

If not an option I would stick with the Calypso Line Stage with the intent of upgrading to the signature later.
It may be time for new tubes.
Linestages to consider:First Sound,Supratek,Lamm,Jadis (w/tube rolling).Possibly Wyetech Opal.
if the rest of your system is suitable, a passive linestage might work very well - TVC or resistive
Are you sure the noise is coming from SP9? Could it be from Rhea? I don't have experience with a modded Rhea. But my friend used to have a Rhea which to me wasn't very quiet. Perhaps either or both Rhea and SP9 need new tubes?