Linn AV 5103 5.1 input upgrades, anyone doing it??

I still have a Linn AV 5103, and would use it to this day in the main system, but it doesn't allow multi-channel input, which has relegated it to the bedroom system.... If it took 5.1 input, I would gladly restore it to the main system.

Does anyone here know of ANYONE modifying these to allow this????
I do not know of anyone who does an upgrade.

I put my 5103 in a "bedroom" system, then upgraded everyday system to a Kinos. Analog is as good if not better, digital is significantly better, more functional, and 5.1 inputs, I am happy!
I demo'd the Kisto, and while I must admit, it sounded better than the 5103 in almost all regards, I found the remote features to be so archaic that I couldn't imagine living with it.

What was Linn thinking making you click through each input type to get to the one you want?? I have not tried the Kinos yet, but would prefer to keep my options for balanced connections open, so that kind of rules that one out. I was for these reasons, and the $13K price tag of the Kisto I ruled it out.

I'm currently considering a Meridian G series or Anthem D1 but am re-doing the kitchen so all stereo purchases are off for a bit until I get some free cash..... or the mood strikes me too hard to deny.