Linn Basik restoration

Bought a Lot at at estate sale this weekend and along with about 500 records I also got the equipment. The TT included is a Linn Basik with the Akito tonearm. Table works flawlessly, but unfortunately the dust cover hinges are broke. No cracks in the lid though. Biggest issue is the “plinth” (if you want to call it that). Simply four pieces of mdf glued to the base and covered in black vinyl tape. This vinyl is peeling badly. 

I’ve made a few calls and sent some emails but can’t seem to locate anyone in the US to restore or upgrade the plinth. 

Anyone know someone that does this kind of work on Linn Basiks?
Good luck on any assistance with Linn in the USA.  Call a dealer near you though and put the burden on them.  They are representing after all.  I own a fair amount of Linn, hate the support but love the sound. 

Another thing to try would be find a good finish carpenter.  Odds are, this could work out better for you.  Just explain the frail parts.  MDF, while seen by many as a total neutral item will swell like an old woman's ankles if it gets wet and there is no recovery. 

Side note, your symbol is Zappa.  I saw the Zappa band with King Crimson September 2.  They still got it and are aging out like a real fine wine. 
Thanks for the reply! I was jist about to give up on finding any assistance in the US and on Agon! 

I think I will go the carpenter route as there seems to be no other options. Nearest Linn dealer is 3 hours away. The table needs very little work, and it’s playing as I type this. Just cosmetic issues I want to tighten up, then I’ll probably use it as my mono player. 

Been a Zappa fam since the 70’s but sadly never saw Frank live. I’ve seen Dweezil a handful of times and he is capable of giving a Frank fan goose bumps. I’m sure the show you saw was fantastic!