Linn Ittok IV II - The Best Cartridge Match ?

I have an Ittok IV II on a Cirkus'd & Lingo'd LP12 an plan to replace my K18 with a good MC cartridge.

The following choices have been recommended:

-Audio Technica OC9 (newest model)
-Audio Technica AT33PTG (More detailed?)
-Denon DL-103R
-Denon DL 301 II

All of these cartridges seem to offer good value, but I'd like to know which might make the best match with my LP12 setup. I have heard less about the AT33PTG than the others, it may be less forgiving to certain recordings, but seems to offer the type of sound staging I like.

The Denon cartridges don't advertise frequence response below 20hz and also track heavier than the Audio Technicas'.
Are these specs really significant?

Any feedback on these cartridges, or other recommendations would be appreciated.
You might try the Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood. I use it on my Ittok, with good results.
I can report that I had for many years an LP12 Vahalla with and Ittok LVII and the first generation (Signet)AT OC9. I recently sold my LP12, but I found that the OC9 seem to be a perfect match for this setup. At a shade under 2 grams, it tracked just about everything, even the inner-most grooves with ease. If I had kept the Linn, I would have easily bought the AT OC9 II as a replacement.
Thanks for the suggestions. It seems that many have had good results with the OC9-Ittok combination. Still others have praised the lesser known AT33PTG as slightly more detailed than the OC9 and 'better' overall.

The Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood recommendation is also interesting, but I was tending to favor an MC. Ideally I'd prefer an MM that offered MC performance and detail, with low tracking force and a replaceable stylus... But all I can recall is the old Shure V15-VMR, which wasn't bad for what it did.

Audio Technica also offers another MM, the AT150MLX, a replaceable stylus design, for about the price of an AT33PTG. Any experiences with this cartridge or is the MC design always the 'better' sound? (There must be a long MM vs. MC thread somewhere on Agone?)

I remain open to either MM or MC, as my current K18 really sounds decent...But I may not know what I'm missing, not having tried a good MC. The Shelter 501 is also recommended as often as the OC9, but at a higher price point than seems necessary to a fellow who is moving up from a K18...and the 501 is also an option, not ruled out.

I started out with the OC 9, then moved to a Benz Glider, and now I have the Shelter 90X. Like you I have the Cirkus, Trampolin, Lingo, and Ittok LV II. You may already know this but the 90X is in a different league than the others I mentioned. What phono stage do you have?
I have a Kairn with Brilliant Power Supply. My well worn K18 actually sounds pretty good, but I always knew I needed to update that part of my system to an MC. The more I hear about the Linto, it seems to offer good value as an upgrade. It might be better to leave my old Lingo Version 1.0 alone and get the Linto and new cartridge first?

I have ruled out the OC9, if only because of positive reviews of the AT33PTG, for slightly more $$. The AT33PTG sounds more detailed, with better midrange, good tracking and no preference for any type of music. There are some positive comments about the AT33PTG at this link:

It's good to learn that there are a few well regarded MC's that will work well with the LP-12 without breaking the bank. I am aware that the Shelter 90X or even the Shelter 501 are a step up from the AT's, but for now I am thinking that an upgrade to a Linto,(Lingo II eventually), and perhaps an AT33PTG might be a good way to get started. Perhaps one day I would move up to a shelter 90X, but first I have to take a few 'BIG' small steps.
What phono stage do you have Xagwell? I have a Cirkus, Lingo, Ekos with a Linn rebuilt Troika from 1998. I am looking for MCs that match well with the 150 Ohm Linto.
I started out with an Audio Research PH-3 that I bought in 1998. I changed the stock Sovtek 6922 for Tungsram which really extended the bass. In April of 06 I upgraded to an Aesthetix Rhea. I really enjoy the sound of tubes so all my gear is tubed except the digital front end. Sytem matching is so important especially at the cartridge/tonearm. I invested in The Complete Guide to High End Audio, by Robert Harley many years ago. Chapter 9 is "the LP Playback System. I still refer to this book when I am in doubt, as well as consult the Agon community.
I have the same setup but no circus and lingo and have the newer Koetsu black. I am getting great detail as well as the magic koetsu's are known for i.e.: the great midrange holographic imaging etc.
Hi NSmith7,
It's been a couple of years since this tread started. What cartridge did you end up with? Do you like it? I have a Denon 103D in my Ittock LV II into a Audio Research PH3SE. I am thinking of a new Christmas present for my wife (along with Much larger diamonds and rubys). Any suggestions?