Linn Kans

I have a pair of Linn Kans with serial number 03019.

In addition I am thinking about 2 more pair. Their serial numbers are 044563 and 639784. I believe all of these have a sequential serial number.    

Would you please tell me what year these were made? And, how much these would sell for?

Name on Audiogon is Woodman.

Thank you in advance,                                                                                          Woody                                                        


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You can find this information in our Bluebook. Email me and I"ll send you instructions.




There are about five different generations of the Linn Kan: Kan 1, Kan 2 (biampable), Kan 3, Kan 4 & Kan 5. The first two generations area made of wood and are considered by many hi-fi enthusiasts to be the most desirable versions of the Kan. They also use different drivers than the later three models whose cabinets are made from MDF material. I think the serial numbers start fresh with each new generation of the Kan. The pair I own are Linn Kan 1’s from around 1987, and their serial numbers are consecutive and in the 35000 range. As for the value of a Kan, the older generations 1 & 2 tend to sell for more money than the later three versions, which were more inexpensively constructed. I remember seeing a decent condition pair of Kan 5’s listed on EBay a few years back for about $350. I think they sold for around $275. I had a pair of Kan 5’s and they were nice sounding and more efficient than the Kan 1’s. I did prefer the sound of the Kan 1 though and ultimately decided to keep them. Finding nice Kan 1 and Kan 2’s is becoming a challenge though, given their age. Poor condition examples can sell really cheap, while nice condition examples tend to sell for significantly more: especially if they include a pair of Kan 1 or Kan 2 dedicated speaker stands. Here you can be looking at over $1000.  Many people also tend to keep nice condition Kan 1 and Kan 2s for use in their vintage Naim and Linn audio systems, making nice examples of these speakers a rare find on the used market.  


Hello everybody ..!!

I have a pair of Linn Kan MK 1…. They are fantastic…. Don’t sell that beauty’s …. Used I saw them into 500 and 700 dls in good shape.!!

Good luck ..!!

Linn Kan first Generation are from 1979 with the original box of bbc ls35/a, the first 800 are with this boxes, made in Glasgow Scotland, few years later made exactly this model in New York with Kef b110 and scanspeak tweeter.!