Linn Karousel bearing

Has anyone had any experience with it ?

- I have been told that it does not quite fit the hole/opening of the Valhalla boards. Is it substantially thicker or can it squeeze thru provided an insulation tape can be wrapped around the shaft ?

- If anyone has installed this new bearing into an LP12 Mober sub-chassis, do they ’fit’ well ?

- Also lastly, has anyone used it with the Tigerpaw magnetic levitator ? Are they compatible ? I have a feeling they are not since the top part of the bearing does not have any threads which would be needed for the Tigerpaw but in case anyone has found a way to make it work, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance for all your answers.

The Karousel bearing upgrade is a significant improvement for the Linn LP12 table, and IMO well worth the cost.
The Valhalla board will NOT work with the new bearing. Linn do NOT recommend modifying the board to make the bearing fit.There are possibly options to mount the Valhalla outside the plinth, but this is something that your individual ’fettler’ will have to discuss with you. Personally, I would want to upgrade the power supply...the new Lingo 4 is an excellent way to go if the Radikal is out of budget.
The Tigerpaw Tranquility mod will NOT work with the new Karousel, and in fact the upgrade is superior to the Tigerpaw mod by itself. Not sure if the Mober sub-chassis will work or not, but the Karousel works well with the current Majik. Kore and Keel sub chassis. IME, all of these sound superior to the Mober regardless.
That was probably wise....
Even Microsoft Windoze does not have this many upgrades LOL