Linn Klimax Solos


About a year ago I got rid of my Mac MC303 and moved to 3 Linn Klimax Solos.  I'm using them in a 3 channel setup with B&W 802D2s (TA Gen 5 Ultra speak cables).  I did this after a short trial w/the Linns.  I would never have guessed that an amplifier section could so drastically improve the sound of my (or any) system.  Immediately, the 802Ds were more open, sharp, defined, and spatial; without even a break-in period.  It felt like I went from 93 octane to 103 race fuel.  So here's my question: why is there so little chatter about these superstar amps?  Did I just get lucky with a match made in heaven?  They're pricey, no doubt.  And they're definitely not an investment, since I've seen older models listed for 30% of what I paid new (I got the newer Dynamik'ed versions).  But I'm curious if anyone else has plugged in a set of these beauties and come to the same conclusion.  Thoughts/experiences?

If interested, the rest of my system is (I) on the analog side, LP12 Klimax TT w/Kandid cartridge and Klimax Kontrol/2 pre-amp (with HT pass through), (ii) for digital (all Meridian) Sooloos/G65 prepro/HD621 and an Oppo 103D, (iii) Linn Silver ICs, (iv) Shunyata Triton and Talos conditioners, (v) TA Ultra PCs (for the Linns) and various Shunyata PCs elsewhere, and (vi) TA Gen 5 Ultra speaker cables.  Based on where things stand, I honestly wouldn't change a thing, but all thoughts welcome.


Hello so i read your post. You are right.  Solos are solos. To improve their sound, Try à Nordost qb8 power  ramp with a good PC ! Odin from Nordost... or other cables... 
better would be Also the Power conditioner from jmf audio pc302. I get both odin, qx4, pc 302, qb8 x 2,... on my Komri exakt systèm  and the combination is stunning but as always, your taste and rats are the best leader.
enjoy Christmas.

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