Linn majik ds + mark levinson 360 vs akurate ds


I think I have seem several thread silimar to this one.. But I can't seem to find the one with the dac i own..

I have compelete Mark Levinson system with 23.5 + 26s + 360, and this is because I love the sonic quality and characteristics that mark levinson combination offer.

Like many of you most of my sources are now stored in files, and I am planning to get a Linn ds.

I have narrowed down my options to majik and akurate, (not ds1). It seems i cannot use my ml360 if i go with akurate, and as we know the price difference is quite big...

Majik and Akurate both have built in dac, and I am guessing the big price comes from the quality of this built in dac. Just by looking at the transport ability.. would there be a big difference?

I would be very confident with my choice of majik + 360, if I can have assurance that their digital processing mechanism is indifferent.

It would be great to hear some opinions from the linn experts.

Thank you..
I think the only way you can answer this question is to audition both combinations and answer it for yourself.

I've owned Levinson and Linn digital and they are both good, but different.
I agree with Hk_fan. If you like the sound of ML, I don't know if you would like the Linn. You may. But I would listen to it first. I've always felt that, generally speaking, Arcam/DCS products have a similar sound to Levinson. But that's just my opinion. You should listen to them first.
If I understand you correctly , you want to use the Digital out from DS , if then , no diffference between both as the motherboard in both the Majik & Akurate DS is the same , just balance dac on Akurate , whether ML 360 is a better sounding dac than Akurate is depending on your taste .
Thank you all for your inputsm I am sorta in difficult position to do the audition for comparison. You said the sound is different... could you please elaborate a little more.. I know how ML sounds.. but never had experiences with Linn. Thx
Thank you Larry.. exact answer i was looking for.. i have tried different sort of transports for digital streaming from normal pc to alix, squeezebox, denon, marantz, cambridge.. and I came to a understanding that although dac is the important factor for sound quality, the digital processing section is equaly important for streamers as well.
In my experience ML has more weight that Linn. Not that Linn is thin necessarily, but it's not quite as rich as ML. ML is a tad darker while Linn is lighter on it's toes.

It's difficult to accurately describe so you really do need to listen to this combination to determine if you would like it.