Linn product recall: a report

Linn is recalling their AV 5105 and LK 240 amplifiers and Some Melodik/5150 subwoofers because of a potential electrical problem. Go to for more information. I recently sent them two LK 240s for repair. This is what happened.

Day one: I went to the Linn website for some reason and a screen popped up telling of the recall. I emailed them and got a reply that day.

Day two: I answered their email and they sent prepaid UPS labels which I printed. I had the original boxes so I packed them up.

Day three: I took the boxes to a UPS Store near my house in Wisconsin. They shipped them at no charge.

Day six: Boxes were delivered to Linn repair site in Florida.

Day 12: Repaired amplifiers were returned (in new boxes) to my home. There was no letter explaining the nature of the repair. Stickers were attached next to the serial numbers identifying them
as repaired.

So, the total time from me finding out about the recall, to shipping them accross the country, to having them repaired and returned to me was 12 days and could have been faster if I had been quicker in my responses. That's good service.

The recall was due to a failure in the capacitors. Some
of them exploded and created a fire hazard, besides damage
to the rest of the system. The caps where changed from
10,000uF 64V to 6,800uF 80V. Please be advised that Linn
recomends that the amps be switched to the off position when not in use. I had the change done to my two AV-5150.
In my case I found no change in the sound, but some users
have reported changes in the sound on another Linn forum.
Well, I wish I had just done that, I called Linn and they told me I had to go through a dealer, my amps and sub have been gone for 3 and 1/2 weeks!