Linux into MSB Analog DAC Quad USB?

Question: are there drivers available for or needed to run a Linux computer feeding the MSB Analog DAC USB?

I've had the MSB Analog DAC with the Quad Rate DSD USB module for a few years and am quite happy with it. My CAPS-Zuma music server with a SOtM USB card running JRiver has died, and the vendor is suggesting a Linux solution as a lower-noise, lower-latency upgrade over a Windows 10 computer. My music collection has various PCM / DSD file types and the old system accepted them all without re-sample (.dff, etc.).

New suggested computer: 

My old computer. I can be repaired versus buying the new computer. MSB sends test files to test for "bit-perfect" and it always passed.

And the info from MSB:
The FAQ states 99.9% compatible for DACs on Sonictransporter.
So Plug N Play.
I do not think it's necessary to be concerned with LINUX Drivers.
The stated question may be best directed to MSB support.
Sonictransporter-i5 / Ultrarendu looks like quite the solution.