Live DSD recording at Stereophile Show

I was looking through the Stereophile website and saw that Diversity Records will record two separate groups on Saturday afternoon.
Yeah that's correct. I have heard several of the initial offerings. These are spooky good. They are by far the finest recordings I have ever heard. Finally someone who knows how to take advantage of the true dynamic range of the digital medium, I'd like to see an LP do what these discs can do.

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These recordings are to be done by my friend Paul Weitzel. This is the guy who designed, owned and built the Tube Research line of electronics. He also worked with FIM and now Cable Research. (Represented by Musical Surroundings).

His brother is Brian Weitzel, the inventor of LP#9, Record Research fluid for LP and Shine-Ola for CD.

About two months ago they sent me about a half dozen CDR master dupes of new releases, along with a loaner CD player (My Sony 9000 ES would not play them).

These recordings are excellent for digital and since I am going to HE 2003, my plan is to spend some time with these guys.

There are several releases not listed on the web site, some are very good talent wise and I am looking forward to the public's response.
And who cares about owning SACDs of Ecstasy In Numbers and the Kevin Jones Band? Recording groups like this, is why SACD is going no where.
The same could have been said about Nora Jones a short while back, before she was discovered. Some new music is worth exploring.

Personally I find it refreshing that it's not another re-release of an old title I already own.
Here's a SACD worth owning: Concord ccd2-9041-2
Chick Corea- "Rendezvous in New York"
2-SACDs - Retail $19.98

Live DSD recording-features Corea in duo settings with master vibraphonist Gary Burton, vocalist Bobby McFerrin and pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba. There are three trios: the "Now He Sings, Now He Sobs" group with bassist Miroslav Vitous and drummer Roy Haynes; Akoustic Band with bassist John Patitucci and drummer Dave Weckl; and New Trio comprising bassist Avishai Cohen and drummer Jeff Ballard. Corea also leads a quartet (the Three Quartets Band with tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker, bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Steve Gadd); a quintet (the "Remembering Bud Powell" band with Terence Blanchard taking trumpeting duties); and a sextet (Origin, with clarinetist Steve Wilson, bass clarinetist Tim Garland and trombonist Steve Davis in addition to Cohen and Ballard).
Sounds good except for the inclusion of Bobby McFerrin.

I'll never forgive him for "Don't Worry, Be Happy." That rates near the top in my "most hated." Perhaps even worse than "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John.

I like the others though, especially Gonzalo Rubalcaba. It would be fun to hear his rendering of Bud Powell. I have several of Powell's releases, he is truly a remarkable pianist.
You won't be saying "Who cares about ... Ecstasy in Numbers and Kevin Jones Band" once you hear them. Like Albert, I have heard them, and they are very good. The Diversity Records recordings that I've heard are unmatched in dynamics and resolution, making it difficult to listen to other recordings afterwards, the recording quality is superb.

This live DSD recording is one of the most exciting things to happen for SACD lately. Perhaps you can give them a listen, Kana813? Will you be attending HE2003?

By the way, I own the "Rendevous in New York" SACD. It is nice to hear Steve Gadd again. I've been a fan of his since the 70's when he worked with Joni on the "Miles of Aisles" live album. I've seen in "Mix" magazine that he has kept busy as a studio musician throughout the years, though I'd always hoped that he'd make several albums himself. Always the Brides-maid, never the Bride, I suppose.

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Brian- I wouldn't be at HE2003. I rather put the money into
music, than hotel & airfare from Maui to SF.

I'm sure Ecstasy in Numbers and Kevin Jones Band are good
bands. We have lots of great local bands/players here on Maui. My point is, recordings of no name groups are not going to bring the average audiophile into SACD or DVD-A.

I'll check out a Diversity Records SACD. Do they use the EMM Labs equipment?
Hello Kana,

I understand your decision to spend money on the homefront system and software, there are however those who attend shows to keep abreast of the latest hardware and software for our hobby. Personally, considering HE 2003, I can't think of a better venue to attend should you be in the market for new high end components. Nothing else will expose you to so much, in so little time. It should also be noted that many manufacturers debut their new components and Platinum series components at HE shows. This said, many into the hobby wouldn't consider not attending.

Regarding your statements about what Ecstasy in Numbers and The Kevin Jones Band offer to you, the audiophile consumer, it offers you a very high level of musical talent, along with unsurpassed recordings. Counting the KOB SACD, I have over a dozen KOB LP's, several KOB CD's, 2 original Columbia KOB 7 1/2 IPS reels and a production master reel. This makes me feel funny, did I really need the new KOB SACD? How many more times do I/should I purchase this title? Some find comfort in owning the same recorded material, multiple times.

Allow me to ask you, Kana, do you expect a mass market recording made in 1958 to compare to a modern day DSD recording with EVERY detail treated as such. Did Columbia use ultra high end cables as microphone cables? How about power cables? Did they have tube regulated power supplies, built by Tube Research Labs, for their tube microphones? These are just 2 examples. For your info, yes, Diversity Records does use EMM Labs equipment. Mr. Meitner is supplying Diversity Records with multiple ADC and DAC 8's, with his latest mods. These are fresh mods, nothing that has been seen nor heard from anyone outside the factory as yet, from my understanding. Every manufacturer that is used along the recording chain for Diversity Records is suppying their latest and greatest. If you didn't already understand, this is an assembly of the greatest recording manufacturers, suppying their best. Many feel that this makes these 2 recordings noteworthy, as any un-biased, normal minded person would agree.

I have the advantage as to have already heard the musical content, you of course have not. I can make statements as to the content and musicianship, and will say that you won't be disappointed. Time will tell, won't it?

Kind regards,
Brian- Look forward to a report from you on the show and
the recordings.

I agree these shows are a great place to hear and see the latest. I use to enjoy attending CES every year, when I lived on the mainland. I don't enjoy the long plane ride, security check hassles and the crowds.

As to recordings from the '50s, I was listening to my Art
Pepper box LP set, with recordings made in '56 & '57 the other nite. I don't know what kind of equipment they used back then, but they sure made some great recordings which have stood the test of time.

Enjoy the show.

Hello Kana,

I've been told that Diversity Records will have breif 30 second sound clips of songs on their sampler Tuesday afternoon PST. This way, you can listen, albeit low-fi, to the music content of various Diversity artists.

I hope that this helps,