Long or short wall

What does everone think of placement of speakers , to start with wider separation, or distance of the speaker{another word sitting to close or sitting farther back with the speakers closer to side walls but more open behind you.There are Pics on room. Just advice . I know of TRIAL & error. Thanks Pepp111.........
You may have to look past the room depending where in the house it is. My system is on a far short wall. The other end is wide open into another room, except for the typical slight left/right/ceiling divider.

While the system room is almost square (18X16), the length is actually more than double because the far wall is at the other end of the adjoining room. It is practically one large long rectangular room as far as the sound goes; not the two smaller rooms.

The sound fills both rooms (which if fine by me). If I put the speakers on the 18' side, I would have a close solid wall on one side, and an open side into the other room on the other side. It would create all kinds of problems put that way.
Either the long or short wall can give you good speaker separation. But in the case of the short wall, make sure side walls are not very close to the speaker, as this disrupts image localization. Correct speaker separation (for any given chair location) requires a very simple process of starting with speakers close together, listening to music, and incrementally widening the distance between them until a hole in the center of the image occurs. As long as the speakers are too close together, voices or other central sounds will sound like one source coming from the center. As soon as the distance becomes too great, each central sound eminates from two positions (to the right and left of center) instead of a central position. So, when you hear two identical singers, your separation is too great. Move the speakers back to the exact position a central singer snaps back into focus, and you've got the widest separation possible without a hole in the middle. If chair location is easier to change than speaker separation, then the same thing can be accomplished by leaving speakers where they are, but moving the chair closer until the hole appears. Then move the chair back until the hole just fills.
Follow UP" Let me make this clearer, To be on top of the speakers( much to close on the long wall with good separation), or the short wall where distance where sitted can be ajusted, Noted the speakers will be much closer together, to the side walls but the distance from front wall ( behind speakers ) can increase.

I owned 4JRs for a long time and had them on a long wall, (actually I think my system pics haven't been updated so you can look). As you note, this makes you sit pretty nearfield which forces you to bring the speakers closer together. This sounded really great except the soundstage depth suffered I think, at least in my case because I was forced to have my equipment furniture between the speakers. In my original demo at my dealers house, he had them short wall with nothing behind them and the soundstage depth was amazing. Although I enjoyed them on the long wall, I really would have wanted to put them on a short wall. It sounds like you may have some optionality so spending a weekend trying both ways may be worth the effort of repositioning speakers, which by the way is critical. Best of luck.
Hi Pepp,

I have a dedicated sound room but not the greatest in dimensions. About 24'long, 11' wide, just under 8' feet high.

When I set up speakers on short wall the speakers b&w 801 s3 are closer to the side wall than I would like - woofers about 2ft from side wall. They are about 5 feet from the back wall. Imaging is very deep and nice. My chair is like the 10th row of a concert.

When I set up speakers on the long wall. The sound stage is very wide and precise obviously not as deep as the short wall but I am right up near the stage with the musicians - say the 5th row. The speakers are out 3' feet from the back wall and about 7' from the side walls. They are about 10' feet apart and my ears are 8' from the speakers. I know my listening position is up against the back wall (which is a no no) but the imaging is incredible. I prefer this music experience to the short wall even though guidelines I've read for the most part say to use the short wall.

I have moved the speakers a few times back and forth.

I have decided to let my ears and enjoyment of the music be the judge and the final say - not published rules on placement.