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Does this speaker exist?
I would test drive some devore fidelity gibbon 88 or orangutan. The soundstage should be good but not exaggerative. 
It Might Get Load - documentary
i really like Jeff Beck, listen to his stuff a lot, he is amazing. For me, I still think that Jimmy Page is much more enjoyable. 
Output watts per tube
I have used Ruby Kt88 tubes and think they were very good. 
Most economical way to max performance of B&W 804
For 2 channel look for a 2-channel integrated amp with a home-theater pass through if you want to use in conjunction with your HT receiver. I would try to listen to Krell, Musical Fidelity, Plinius, etc. 
It Might Get Load - documentary
The expression I saw on Jack White's face when Jimmy was playing was that of, "am I really here seeing this with my own eyes" pure AWE. 
It Might Get Load - documentary
I recall seeing this thread but just now got to see this film and was totally in awe of it, amazing. Three different approaches to the guitar and music but one thing was clearly in common, an passion for musical creativity and a love of the instru... 
Tubes for your K&K Maxxed Out Phono?
Ha, I have spent a great deal of time, effort, and funds tube rolling in my integrated amps but never even gave the tubes in my K&K a thought because it always has sounded so phenomenal, transparent, etc. I guess it would be worth a try. 
Speaker set up tip from sumiko trained
and if your wife comes in when you are doing this, start barking like a dog. 
shindo aurieges ....
Bolero, it has been my observation that the lesser priced shindo pre-amps sell very quickly here on agon so if one happens to come up that would work for you be prepared to act quickly and decisively or you will be waiting again. I notice wanted a... 
Source for tube shopping?
+1 Jim McShane is the man. 
Power suggestion?
"thus far it is incredible to my ear"Enjoy it. 
shindo aurieges ....
I have had a few correspondences with Mr. Devore and he definitely loves Shindo but there are other amps that he likes too. I am using shindo apetite with silverbacks and the sound is phenomenal but would be better with some more power. For whatev... 
Von Schweikerts for HT: setup and combination.
For a good while, I had 4JR fronts with a VS/1 sub, LCR15 center, and VR-1 for rears in a 5.1 system (still have everything except the 4JRs) in a similarly sized room. This set-up works very well for HT and I don't think that going to 7.1 would be... 
not being sure how many records you have, a RCM could be a great investment. See if you can find a good used vpi 16. 
MA2275 Issue need some advice
G5flier, I would recommend using the augiogon system including feedback and dispute process to get it right with you and the seller. Based on what you have said, the repair should be the responsibility of the seller or you should be able to return...