Looking for a database for recordings

My record collection has grown to the point where I can't remember what I have, and sometimes buy duplicates. I'm looking for a database program to manage it. Ideally it would already have most recordings listed, and I could just choose the titles I have.
I am using a program called AudioFile version 3.3 purchased in 1996 from Doubleware Publications a division of Software Research, Inc. Don't know the address or phone number. Cost about $50. Very easy to learn, and versatile. Comes with preset grids for LP's and can be adjusted for movies, Cd's. I am very pleased with it. Everything can be viewed on computer or printed out in alphabetical order by title, composer, and any other field you designate as the sort field. I got the number originally from a magazine, problably Audio or Stereo Review (now named Sound and Vision). Sorry I can't be of more help. Leo
There is a shareware piece of software using FileMaker Pro that was available some time ago. Very well laid out. You could probably locate it at filemaker.com or through one of the shareware repositories. Good luck.
Ther used to be an add in the back of Jazz Times for a product. It had the ability to read your CDs and fill out the database automatically.
I concur with Collie. I’m a Music Director with a huge Library of Music & Recordings (several thousands). There are several on the market but AUDIOFILE works great.