Looking for a full featured tube preamp similar to McIntosh C22

Im looking to upgrade my Schiit Saga +. Ideally tube, included features would be bass, treble and balance controls, MM phono, and headphone capability, XLR out. The McIntosh seems to check all the boxes but is out of my range. My budget is $2500 US. Sonically, i'd like something warmer than the Saga. Any ideas? 


I have a lot of respect for the Rogue Audio 99 Super Magnum preamp with the phono stage option if you can find one on the used market. It is a long discontinued model by Rogue but is very special given the ability to set gain apart from volume. This feature helps it integrate nicely into many different types of systems, and the performance of the preamp when outfitted with quality 6SN7 give it both great tube harmonics/warmth and high fidelity. The phono stage is also a true tube phono circuit using 12AX7 and 12AU7 if I remember correctly. 

If you look into this, make sure you get one that is a SUPER Magnum. Regular Magnum is a lesser build. And most units don’t have the preamp option. 

You will be spinnin’ your wheels finding a preamp with the budget and features that you want. The McIntosh C-8 ( $4000 ) has those features but it cost more than your budget allows!