Looking for a good tech in the Philadelphia, PA area.

Hi all - I recently bought a used Canary tube amp that produces an an unacceptable buzz in both speakers. It was shipped from CA, so not interested in spending all that money on shipping, would rather put that money into a repair. Have searched around, made some calls, but can't find anyone, not to mention anyone qualified. Thanks in advance...I hope.
The well-known electronics repair in Center City is gone. They were always busy with lots of vintage receivers in the shop. And then "poof"...gone.
Probably lost their lease like every other small business.

Hey All

Old post, but I was wondering if Jim Nichols is still doing repairs in Maple, NJ.  I've got an Pilot 240 that needs some love.  



I've actually been taking my gear to Steve Leung at VAS Audio. He and his son Ray are great to deal with, prices are reasonable, and he has a lot of vintage stuff to gawk at at his shop.