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Looking for a good tech in the Philadelphia, PA area.
I've actually been taking my gear to Steve Leung at VAS Audio. He and his son Ray are great to deal with, prices are reasonable, and he has a lot of vintage stuff to gawk at at his shop.   
Dehavilland Super 40 Mono n
Hi - I know this is an old post, but I have a pair of these mated to a Mercury 3 pre. GREAT amps, the quietest tube amps I own(and I own a few, mostly for sale now....) They can run a LOT of different power tubes, but my favorite so far is the Tun... 
Digital power cord for tube amp?
Thank you all for the kind words, explanations, and suggestions. Yes, I didn't mean a 'digital' power cord, just one that was designed for use with digital sources. Not knowing the EXACT differences between the two types, I was thinking it might q... 
PrimaLuna Evo 200 underwhelming
I saw a post here stating that the 7581 tube was a direct sub for the el34. I don't believe that is correct. The 7581 replaces a 6L6/KT66, etc.  
Black Cat power cables
Thank you for actually answering my question, just what I was looking for.  
Black Cat power cables
Yes, definitely a Rush fan, but Rivendell comes from Lord of the Rings and a bicycle company in CA. Thanks twoleftears for the advice, wasn't sure if there would be more of the same today, but I was trying to defuse. I know about all the praise fo... 
Black Cat power cables
OK, THAT kind of answer, and humor, I appreciate. millercarbon, I actually missed the simple answer you gave, my bad, got lost in the rest of what you were saying, again my bad. You are correct, there are hundreds of companies and millions of comb... 
Black Cat power cables
Only looking for actual opinions of these cables and not unrelated comments."If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." 
Black Cat power cables
Cute, but not exactly the answer I was looking for... 
When was the first time that you heard great sounding speakers?
First speakers that really grabbed me were a pair of Vandersteen Quattro's hooked up to an all BAT system at Audio Connection over 10 years ago.  
Supratek Chardonnay vs JAS Array 1.1
And your thoughts...? 
Quicksilver Mid Mono - power matching
davidantonio!! Do you still have those amps for sale? 
Fix it or not, my CJ Premier 11a Amp?
Hi Kenny - I know this is an old thread, but did you ever get your amp repaired? Do you still have it? 
Tube integrated
Nitewulf - I know it's an old thread, but did you ever find an amp? I am selling a mint Ayon Spirit III, the very latest version, and a killer bargain at 2800. 
Looking for a good tech in the Philadelphia, PA area.
No worries - I find it a little disconcerting that no one works on gear around here...is Philly not worthy? If need be, I will drive to NJ again and have Jim work on my stuff. Thanks for the response, good luck, and stay safe.