Looking for a power cable upgrade

I got an itch to upgrade. The sound I'm getting now is great I like it but like most of us I'm want to look at the other side of the mountain for some thing better. This is what I'm using right now:
Im looking at spending around 500.00 per cord either used or new, and also would try a diy solution. If anyone as used my current cables and has moved to something else please comment. Or if you have found something fantastic please comment as well. Any input would be great. 
Hello.  I don't have any experience with the 7N.  

I offer a suggestion that you include the connectors you are using, so that others who can make a contribution have this information.
I've been using some nanotec cords with the Furutech FI-50 connectors with great success. (the connectors alone are worth more than the cable!)
There's a guy selling them for under $500 on the asylum, do a search under nanotec.
Good luck
I highly recommend the Cullen Gold Series Power cords. 
 Exceptional build quality, 10-out 0f 10

 Inexpensive, these are exceptional power cords to say the least.


For your budget, I would recommend the Mad Scientist Audio NEO power cord.  It compares favorably to some very expensive cords, in my experience.
Consider trying Triode Wire Labs American series. The 7 awg is the largest at $549. Pete offers a 30 day no obligation trial period. Pete is the gold standard and his cords offer great bang for buck.

DIY you say? - try these...


I use them throughout my system and they are the best I’ve used to date

But give them around 300 hours burn-in - they also take a dip in performance between 20-60 hours - but come back with a vengeance