Looking for audiophile friends in Belgium

hello there, I am a 36 year old music and high end lover living in Belgium. I am trying to optimize my system, changing components now and then. It would be great to have friends who share the same passion, to compare systems and to be able to hear components without always having to buy/sell stuff.
My idea is for example to have a listening afternoon where I bring my amp, cd,... to your place or vice versa hence making it possible to review ourselves different components in our own listening environment, this way helping each other to optimize the systems : )
At the moment I have Accuphase dp500 cd, krell FPB 200 amp, magnum mp 330 preamp and B&W 800 matrix speakers in a big living room. I am looking forward to your reactions!
Hi Blueskywalker,

Where in Belgium are you living? I live in Antwerp. Send me a PM message maybe we get together sometime. I am always in the mood for a hi-fi audition/talk.

Best wishes,