Looking for Feedback

I am upgrading my music/HT system. Here are a couple of options: Cary Cinema 12 processor with Simaudio Moon Titan 5-channel amp vs. Classe SSP-800 processor with CA-5200 5-channel amp. All are previously owned. I will probably be using Salk SS7 speakers for L/R and a Salk HTC7 for the center. Ratio is 60/40, music to HT. And a good percentage of HT is for live concert DVD's. Love to hear informed takes on this. Thanks!
Since music is more important to you, I would take a different approach on the poweramp. For speakers other than the 2 fronts, use some high value, but powerful amps. I recently tried a QSC pro audio power amp, and while it didn't sound good enough to use in a high end audio system, it was more than adequate for theatre applications. I think the Price was somewhere between $300-$400. Then take the rest of the money and buy the best 2 channel amp you can afford. You'll get much better sound for the money that way.
I agree with ZD542, buy a decent pre-processor, and get a good 2 channel pre amp with unity gain (HT/Cinema) pass thru and then if budget permits a multi channel amp and a 2 channel amp. Since the processors go out of date so frequently, you can update them as needed but maintain the two channel side of your system as the core. I have been doing this for years and love the ability to listen to two channel and leave the HT side completely off.
Thanks for the input Zd and Theo! I'm thinking of doing exactly that as my budget allows. That being two systems, one for HT and the other for 2.1 audio. For the 2.1, I'm considering a pair of Merrill Audio Thor D class mono blocs and a tube preamp from Raven Audio. I currently have a Rel T9 sub.