Looking for Network audio bridge on a Budget

hello all,

Am looking for a high performing network audio bridge with BNC or AES output & LAN/Ethernet connectivity, though Wy Fy could work.

if USB is also on its input list, super!

use will be with iMac 5K desktop running Audirvana 3.5.8 feeding a Bel Canto dAC.

Due to budgetary constraints I'm hoping for something in the $500 or less area. Much less if possible although SQ has to be at least 'acceptable'.

not analytical or steril with its presentation. albeit, the way laid back presentation does nothing for me either.

so if it is slightly colored here and or there at this price point that will work.

used or new matters not .

don't care if it has every ROON; DSD; MQA; ?? bell and whistle either as the majority of play will be red book and well within 24/192 PCM content.

presently using an OPPO 203 & dlNa.

anyone run across something like this, or just know of something like this?

Most all I'm finding are HP amps w/USB with line outputs, so no dice.

I am wondering - thinking if a USB DAC with the stated outputs could work too.

the sole caveat on flexibility is having only USB input connectivity. could work but I'd need a lengthy USB cable for attachment to it and the balance of the system and that part concerns me, as it could be 15ft. or longer.

or, I'd have to move the entire rig across the room and even then the USB cable length could be 9ft or more.

Many, many thanks!!


It seems Google has developed its ESP so more links began populating pointing towards RPI and reviews on the Bluesound Node 2i, since this topic was posted.

J Darko 2018 Youtube video says the Aloe path rivals the $2K streamers, specifically aiming his arrows at the aurelic Mini streamer, and then generally at those below the 2K border line.

How say anyone who has done the Rasberrey Aloe D Sig rodeo?

and, is the Rasberrey PI path a snap together affair, if Aloe Digi 1 Sig, cases and DC PS are all combined?

Yeah? Nay? lil' bit?


apparently there is nothing in the category I chose for the price I listed.

Too bad.

I thought for sure someone here would know of something, somehow.

Oil well. 😁

looks like Blue Sound 2I gets the nod here. most likely. unless for a few dollars more another piece is mo' better. ??