looking for nice PC trio

My computer is located in enclosed study and I would think of placing some entertainment system of 2 speakers and sub to it.

I would consider 1-brand trio or other options.
My choices so far:

Bose Companion 5 or
samson media one 3a/ Yamaha HS10W woofer
Have you looked at Audio Engine?

The Audioengine 2 was reviewed positively:
I was in the same position and ended up going with a decco65 amp/dac, a pair of silverline minuets, and a klipsch subwoofer which is working very well for playing spotify and streaming XM from a macbook pro.

I also have audio engine bamboo a5+ but my daughter absconded these for her room and they sound pretty damn good. The decco/silverlines have better detail and are more open sounding but needed the help of the subwoofer. The audio engine are workable if you only want background sound and not really critical listening.
If you get the A5+ I would set them up and use them and see how the bass performs in your room. If you want some extra heft, go ahead and add a sub to the mix.
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05-03-13: Bob_reynolds
There's a gazillion choices. Budget and whether USB or analog connection from PC would prune the field.

True, but a little more information from the OP would help trim the field. E.g., how much space does he have, and what's his budget?

E.g., The AudioEngine A2s are *tiny*--about 4"x6 front and they're powered, all for $199. Contrast that with Minuet Silverlines (a great speaker), which are a bit bigger but you lose more desk space to the amp required to drive it. For bass down into the 20s you add the system-matched AE sub for $349. It's slightly smaller than a 12" cube.

AudioEngine offers many accessories such as wedge stands to hold the speakers, isolate them from desktop resonances, and point the drivers right at your head.

If he has space for bigger speakers, then the AudioEngine A5+ could do it, with a front face of about 7"x 10.75. As others have said, the bigger cabinet may reduce the need for the sub depending on the OP's requirements.

An AudioQuest Dragonfly can completely solve the analog vs. USB dilemma.

My first choice would be an AQ Dragonfly (with Audirvana or J River Media software), Dragonfly ($250), AudioEngine A2s ($199) for minimum desktop intrusion, and the AudioEngine S8 Sub ($349). That's a killer soup-to-nuts full range solution for $800.

Or you can start with A2s for $199 and add the other parts if/when you want to enhance or upgrade.

The rave reviews for the AudioEngine A5s and A2s are pretty overwhelming, and come from all corners of the audio and computer fields, from Stereophile to Gizmodo and even Fortune magazine:

A5 reviews
A2 reviews
thanks all.
there's a very little space in the study which is 28" wide and near same deep. Placing speakers on the same level with computer may sacrifice the space for mouse and other necesary conveniences so the speakers should either be wall-mounted or resting on the book shelf above. i guess the ideal case would be pivoted wall mounted satellites so the angle can be adjusted for the best acoustical performance turning the study to acoustic box.
the total budget including sub is $350.
Buy Focal XS Book, give them 100+ hours and you will be amazed
with the sound. AE 5+ cannot come even close. Did I mentioned,
NO SUB NEEDED. I heard them in my friend's apartment. They out
performed Paradigm Studio 20. I couldn't believe. A week
later I bought two pairs. Each pair $290.00
Thanks Kiza,
Seems like focal xs is the most tempting for my study setup.
I guess I can place them tight to the corner.
The only downside is that they don't have any speaker mounts to adjust the angle as I've been thinking first placing them on the top shelf of the study.