Looking For Small Body RCA Interconnects

I have a Fisher 400 receiver which has really close together RCA input/output jacks. They are so close together that typical audiophile interconnects will not fit on adjacent jacks. The problem is I need to use three sets of adjacent I/O for an aux input and a tape input/output loop. Right now the only ones I can get to work are the cheap "throw-in" cables I got with cheap mid-fi purchases. Looking for better quality and I'm willing to consider DIY. Price is no object, but I'm only going to spend under $300, total.
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Have you take a look at Audience Au24 ?
Used 1m Au24 (not "e" version) is around $250-300
I have them in my system, sound really good
Since you need 3 sets for under $300 I would recommend the JW Audio Cryo Nebula or Auricle Audio Encore Kapton. I own both of these solid core interconnects and they've been quality performers in my system. Both have small connectors especially the Auricle Audio.