Looking For Someone To Make A Vandersteen X-2

I’ve read online that it’s possible to make a high pass filter (80 hz, 6 db per) similar to the Vandersteen X-2, but perhaps using a higher grade of capacitor than is offered in the stock X-2. Unfortunately I have no confidence in my ability to pull such a thing off, so was hoping some talented a’goner might be willing to build a set for me. If you’re willing and able, I’d really appreciate hearing from you!
Get in contact with Roy A. Esposito at sounds like new.com He is one of the engineers who designed the Acoustat products. He's rebuilt 3 Acoustat TNT 200s for me for the active system I'm working on. His work is fabulous. He's also agreed to build me crossovers for the altered JBL 4345s I'm building. His audio business is part time so you'll probably have to wait a while but he's well worth it.
I would definitely talk to Richard Vandersteen. He's a nice guy. I believe the X-2 crossover is a first order 6dB per octave slope. Basically it's one capacitor but the value will vary based on your system.
@Csontos - thanks for the suggeston. i did contact Roy, but after our first exchange, he's yet to get back to me. too busy for such a small project i expect.

@Rrog / Hifigeek1 - yes, Richard is a very nice guy. i've spoken to him once before (about a different issue) and he was very helpful. i didn't think he'd be interested in altering his own stock product, but it never hurts to ask.