Looking for Speaker Input

My system is Luxman C900u pre amp, 2 Luxman M900u amps configured in monoblock mode driving Focal Sopra 3 speakers.  All digital with Aurender W20SE streamer. DAC is Luxman D10x, which doubles as a CD/SACD transport.  My question for the forum is I think the Focals are the weak link.  What speakers would the forum recommend to go with the rest of my gear?
Really hard to provide any meaningful advice based on the info you have provided other than you seem to have a case of audiophile merry go round syndrome. 

Other guesses I can venture based on nothing but seeing and reading comments in places like this; speakers are too big for the room, speakers are not positioned properly, cannot breathe, too close to walls etc. System is set up on wrong wall/not the long wall, room is acoustically challenged and nothing has been done to mitigate. 

There is no reason that system is not creating beautiful sound other than above. 
Depends on budget kef blades vivid  focal utopia evo series are all better 

Dave and troy

you think made in JAPAN is so good....meanwhile the CHINESE are making better stuff