Looking for TEAC Esoteric P-70 CD-Transport power transformers

Dear all.

I used 9 years a Teac Esoteric P-70 CD-Transport as my system source and got a superb quality out of it.

Lately I made a mistake and burnt its 2 power transformers by input of 230 Vac instead of 110 Vac.

The 2 transformer primary sections burnt.

Now, I am looking to replace those 2 transformers.

The Teac service Center in USA, Germany and Japan said that it is obsolete (do not have it any more).

They appears at page 7 it ems 2-23 and 2-24 of the device Service Manual):

1. E00561920A power transformer, RCOA A (US, C)

2. E00561820A power transformer, RCOA D (US, C)

I disassembled them from the device and found on them the following:

Both of them are 30VA R-core transformers made by KITAMURA KIDEN CO.  Japan

1. E005618-20A   KRT-15-P-007S3   K2X3SK   TT2KY1

2. E005619-20A   KRT-10-P-007S1   K2X3SK   TT2KY1

I also tried to find a live e-mail to contact KITAMURA KIDEN Co. to order those transformers with no success.

Please anyone, Please help me find those 

(new, second hand or just a live contact to KITAMURA KIDEN Co.).  

Thanks in advance


Check out the website VNAV ( Vietnam audiovideo network) look under the marketplace and shop categories, Im amazed at all the older Esoteric, Wadia, Accuphase CD players, dac,s and they have alot of reel to reels for sale as well. Older Krell KSA 200 amps. The gear is pretty split with 110v, 110, and 220v versions.
 Take your time looking through they also have a couple of dealers selling just transformers and old tubes.