Looking for wider soundstage

My system consists of:

parasound a21+ amp for LF

rogue st 100 dark for HF

Aurender  n10

schiit Yggy dac

don sachs 2 preamp

legacy signature se speakers 

Looking for wider soundstage  room is not treated but it’s not bad and I have moved speakers around  Thanks for any advice  I have believed my amps could be better but not sure  thanks in advance 



sudnh I gave your suggestion a try and I did get a bit better sounstaging. I have a few other things to try but it has become clear that room treatment is probably going to be the best thing I can do. Or find a whole new room as mijostyn suggested. Thank you. 

You will require perfect symmetry in your listening room.  If that cannot be obtained, the first reflected surfaces will require insulation. 

You probably know this, since you referred to treatments, but the soundstage often depends on keeping out confusing reflections between speakers and ears. Your TV is reflecting and your couch is absorbing. If you can put a first reflection absorber on the right (facing the system) you might find an interesting change. Use the mirror test and find the first reflection point, and during listening, put a portable panel -- there. Hide it away when you're not listening. A reasonable WAF compromise. Enjoy!

So you have your 2-channel music system and your HT system shoehorned into the same room?

As others will have observed, the speakers are too close together, the left speaker is too close to the sofa, and both speakers are too close to the wall behind them.

Your room seems to be pretty large; what's happening at the other end that is not shown in the pics?

A complete reorganization of components and furniture is the first step, even before you start experimenting with room treatments.