Looking to boost my 12v relay

Hi -

I have a 12v trigger from my preamp to my amp.

Problem is that the preamp outputs 100ma and the amp wants to see a minimum of 110ma.

Wondering if anyone can recommend something to boost the output of the relay - ideally it would be 3.5mm jack in and out so it would be inline with the existing connections. Could be battery or AC powered

Turning the preamp on will turn the amp on. Turning the preamp off will turn the amp off.

thank you in advance for your assistance

I doubt the extra 10 ma will make a difference to the preamp. You could measure the DC resistance of the amp trigger input and verify how much it will actually draw at 12 volts.
I think it was Niles that made a unit that would do the trick for you but I don't think it is made any longer. I have one and will have to look for it. It isn't on their website now. Send me an e-mail and let me know if you want me to look for it. I don't think the preamp will be hurt by pulling a little extra current to power on the amp input relay. Chances are it takes way less power than what is specified but may require the additional current only at startup.

I did find a Niles RF unit - actually a number of them still being made. Best I can tell these are stand alone units that I would program into my universal remote. Would have no connection to the Integra. Jason at Butler turned me on to it - Niles Audio MSU250.

Hard to say what the issue is - Integra says they output 100ma, Butler says they have to see 110. Seems kind of fussy but maybe the 12' cable run is contributing to the problem.