Looking to upgrade From my Odyssey Mono extremes

Hey guys,

I currently have odyssey mono extreme's and while I do enjoy them, They seem to me to be a bit on the bright side with my current setup.

So with that, I am looking to upgrade.

I had my sights set on Mcintosh MC352, but I was wondering how it would compare.

Also, Looking at other brands, and Tubes as well. A used pair of neo 250's look to be roughly in the same price range as well.

any first hand experience would be appreciated!


Definitely look at some other part of your system, and/or incoming power.

Given what you have on hand now, I'd say look for better speakers.... Possibly cabling too. or try another DAC. Additionally, tubes in the Dodd pre.

One of those areas or maybe two should fix the issue pretty much. The room is always a main part too.

Getting another amp, without improving upon the level of speakerage you have now seems like a more sideways step to me.

If you've got to go grab an amp that's better sounding than the Odyssey, either add a pair of Dodd mono block EL34 amps, or get yourself a Butler TDB 2250.

the Dodd mono blocks are sweeter sounding, using only a TDBH 5150 (150wpc), not the 250wpc like the TDB 2250, the Butler sounds better to me and has more control and better bass.... the 250wpc version ought to be way better, and allow you to throw some $$$ towards your speakers as it sells new for $3K.

before pulling the trigger on anything, like all have said here, the brightness probably isn't the amps fault.

Got dedicated ckts? Checked for ground loops? use a power cond? how's that cabling situation, pc's & ic's? What are the speakers sitting on and how are they isolated? Got a good rack?

it all adds up.

Good luck.
10-22-09: Jeffb28451
If by "glass ceiling", you mean you're going to have to go into seriously diminishing returns, you're right.
Actually, I think the "Glass Ceiling" is the top upgrade/mod option that Klaus offers for the Odyssey Extremes. It's not listed on the website, but I have seen it referred to in reviews and posts on forums.

this thread has taken an unexpected turn!

I posted looking for odyssey amp comparisons to other amps in an under 5k price range and come back this morning to find people recommending me new speakers!

That is fine, but I do believe that I want to keep my speakers and all of my other associated gear. I would, however, like to UPGRADE the amps. not downgrade.

does anyone have any first hand experience in comparing the odyssey against the DNA250/MC352/neo250?

"so i would like something that can actually outperform my current amps."

Maybe the above recommendations are due to half a dozen other Odysey owners saying Odysseys aren't bright.... and just maybe, they're trying to save you from spending money needlessly.

Buy the manley. it's more different than the Mac is from the odyssey.

Better than the Odyssey monos?
Butler Audio
BAT vk 500 w/BAT pack
Dodd 120 MK II monos
McIntosh MC 402
Krell FPB 200

... ALL ARE UNDER $5k AND ALL EXCEED THE ODYSSEY MONOS .... to my ears... OVERALL.... depending upon speakers, cabling, etc. RWV.
Have you ever tried tube amps in your system before? Odyssey are pretty good SS amps. I doubt you would get that much more bang for your buck going to another SS. You may want to veer a whole different direction and try a tube amp. Completely different sound that you might like. It only took one tube amp in my system before I got rid of all my SS gear. Tubes won't give you the bottom slam that SS will but that liquid midrange can be addictive. For a decent powered push pull tube amp I like models using the EL-34's. Of course, if you have extremely efficient speakers, low powered SET are in a completely different league, IMO. Good luck.