Loss of My Treasured System...stolen at Customs

I was moving from BC to the States and had a shipper moving pallets of what I couldn't fit in my car. I was heartbroken when the pallets arrived, ransacked, and among other valuable things stolen/missing were some of the components of the system I've had since college. I wanted to ask you input on how to put together a system of similar quality. I Loved my Spectral preamp; the imaging was amazing and that is the quality I would most like to have back. Here's a list of the components:

Spectral DMC 6 preamp
B & K monitor amp
ProAc Super Tablette speakers (these were destroyed when they were obviously looking for drugs...how could such small speakers weigh that much is what they must have thought)
JSE subwoofer
Chicago speaker stands
interconnects and cables: I don't remember what they were specifically but they were the best on the market when I purchased the system from Progressive Audio in Ohio.

The subwoofer is intact and I was happy with the performance of the ProAcs along with it, but will switch to larger speakers. I have always been fond of Thiel for one.

Do you think the ProAcs can be repaired, and is it worth it? The bass ports are completely gone (those straw looking things in the back)

Thanks so much for your help. I am lost without my system.

I just want to voice my support. I think you know what you are looking for and don't need any advice.
I am sorry to hear this and again you have support here on the Gon...best to you..
Sorry to hear of this terrible experience. Re the ProAc's, I would suggest calling Bill LeGall, website http://www.millersound.net. (Don't have your computer speakers turned up too loud when you go there!). He is one of the very best in the business at speaker repair, and he is exceptionally knowledgeable about a great many specific models. He is also a pleasure to speak with and deal with.

Hope that helps.
-- Al
I think I saw a Spectral DMC 6 on AudiogoN a day or so ago along with a Spectral amp. Avalon speakers would be a good match with the Spectral gear though they are different sounding than ProAcs (as are Thiels!). If you like the ProAc sound, the latest ARC tube integrated should be nice with new or older models of ProAc speakers
Sorry for your bad experience. That's ridiculous. Customs have a purpose but the lack of consisitency and professionalism they exhibit is amazing.