Lottery Winner would buy what kind of Stereo Gear

If you were to win the Powerball or Megamillions what would your stereo system consist of and why?
03-26-13: Mofimadness

I'd buy the MBL reference system and have a custom house built with a custom sound room to put it in.

Sorry about that ya'all - MBL paid me big bucks to put a CD into their system. ;)
Because even at their best various speaker designs have their pros and cons, I would buy two or three systems, which makes me feel gluttonous just thinking about it. But seriously, probably YG Acoustics and Sanders Sound or Soundlabs and turntables that I have no real business owning.
I would buy a restored 1947 Capehart radio = phonograph. I am so impressed with the Erb designed record changer that could play a stack of 16 records , play both sides and continue over and over or stop and shut off. It would do all this with speakers and remote radio selection from many other rooms . All tube electronics and seperate amps for by amped Jensen speakers. And then maybe a all McIntosh or Audio Research system like I had ten and fifteen years ago.
I could afford the Capeheart but I need a room to put it in,I moved in this smaller house when I retired. But to see that changer in action , just touches a nerve. So as long as we are playing I'll add to the wish, Thanks David