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Subwoofer speed is in the room, not the box
Seems to be a little turbulence in the air.   
Subwoofer speed is in the room, not the box
My apologies I didn't read the whole post. I had a pair of Vandersteen 5's that had a high pass filter to just run the top portion in essence doing what you are saying here.  Haven't tried to high pass any other speakers but I do know some of min... 
Subwoofer speed is in the room, not the box
Why set a sub to 60 if your speaker goes to 30? Go big or go home?  
Nowhere to hear speakers and amps anymore!
In my experience since 2000 there has been a growing serge of home based audio dealers. They are typically somewhat well off retirees that have turned their audio passion into a small business.  As you might imagine some of these guys are single ... 
Gershman Studio 2
I sold these a while back. Like someone said above they are musical and easy to listen to. I wouldn’t argue that. I liked that ease of listening quality at first, but got bored with them. The midrange was far from stellar, particularly in the pre... 
Cornwall IV's with Accuphase E-650? good match?
I've used Luxman class A amps since a pairing with Devore 9 back in 2008 or so. That said I recently used a 550AXII with the Forte IV and wasn't crazy about the combination. A little too much control and a little bright (not how I would usually ex... 
Efficient speaker: Zu, Tekton, Volti, Klipsch, Fleetwood?
The Devilles seemed to come out of the gate strong but there have been lots for sale. Do they become less interesting over time. Big money for a tiny speakers too.   
Selling here on Audiogon
I've been buying and selling for 20 years. Last audiogon sale was about 10 years ago. Fees are up and the lack of product doesn't really help attract buyers.  
Heritage Cornwall Iv's vs ZU Audio Omen Defs
Cornwall certainly had a more full and satisfying sound than the Union I tried. The Zu did have a fun a lively sound but needed EQ work. They only had 300 hours or so, so maybe that was it.  
Integrated for Devore O/93
The upper mids of those made me nuts so I'd go with something smoother than pointed.   
Amplifier Pairing with Coherent 15s
@mmcgill829  Any updates on the 18's?  
Klipsch Heresy vs Forte
Playing with different tubes and enjoying the Forte IV’s. Might explore the tweaks, why not. These are fun. What have you done?  
Where does music come from that streams?
You can chase your tail all night but the system you put together better play to your liking. Today for me it's horns and tubes. tomorrow that might change.   We all need variety and maybe multiple systems.  Far and few between IMHO.  
Nowhere to hear speakers and amps anymore!
I always come across guys running small enterprises out of their homes. Most have made their money elsewhere and do this on the side to support the hobby and write off a portion of their home.   
Has anyone listened to or auditioned Verity's new Arindale speaker ?
@garebear any updates on the Arindale’s? I love the Verity line and sometimes would find them polite and wishing for a bit more excitement from them. What gear are you using now that you likely have lots more hours on them?