Low Height Speaker with no rear port....help?

I am looking for a set of speakers to fit a few needs:

1. maintain a height ~4 feet or lower - wife acceptance requirment
2. preferably front ported - secondary to back walls that vary by 2 feet in depth (large room approximately 25x25 with a large vaulted ceiling extending into the second floor of the home). There is also a fireplace in between the speakers, so the speakers must perform well with various placement tolerance in the room

Price range is 3K to 10K
What speakers have you used in the past, so that we dont suggest these again ?
The dementions, and ceiling of your room are close to mine. I went from Acoustic Zen to Usher BE 718's primarily becasue of the WAF. Both the Usher's and Acoustic Zen's are front ported. I found both to tolerate various placement restrictions pretty well. Mine are on the long wall with the fronts being about 30" out from the back wall (another WAF issue). Both are well below your price point. If I were you I'd take a hard look at the Acoustic Zen's.
The dementions in my system are mine alone, as neither my room nor system is demented in the least. Sorry, couldn't help myself. As someone who routinely misspells 3 or 4 letter words and sometimes has to make 3 or 4 attempts to get close enough for my spell check to recognize the word I don't haver a leg to stand on.
It needs to be lower than 4 feet in height, sorry that wasn't clear in my initial statement. I haven't had any speakers that low in height, so any recommendations are welcome. I noticed ATC makes a speaker the SCM 50 that appears to fit the bill, but am not too familiar with that speaker.

The options are staggeringly broad and without knowing your amp/system, musical tastes and general system sound preferences anyone would be just speculating on what might work for you based purely on a physical description rather than any considerations of how the speaker they're recommending might fit into your current system and tastes. I'm using Conincident speakers that fall into your description, and I like very much, but I have no idea how they'd perform in your system. They do very well with tubes, and I'm using them with low powered SET amps.
Merlin VSMs might be just at or under your height limitation. Easy to drive; current iterations are said to work well w SS as well as tubes. I.m prejudiced, I own a pair.
1.Height: 40.4"
2.Front Port

Under $10K


Devore Gibbon 8.

Will perform well close to front wall, but are better in smaller rooms. I used them in a 13 x 20 room with good results. Larger rooms and you may need to supplement with a sub.
Beolab 9s from Bang&Olufsen.

They are well under 4 feet tall, have boundary switches, and sound very big. Got 5 star recommendations from both What Hifi and Hifi news. The reviewer at Hifi news claims that they have one of the best midranges ever. Very high WAF and resale too.
GMA Pico Executives ~ 30" high, front port. I think they'll fill your room with sound. Not sure about the price- I know they're well below 10K.