Lower outputs of CAL Alpha DAC ?

Hello. Need help on how to lower the outputs of the CAL Alpha tube DAC, I have read somewhere you can change the resistor values in the DAC to have the outputs to 2V instead of 3.5V-4V. Any info. would greatly appreciated.
Replace resistors R411 and R511 with the following values:

Desired Output (V) Resistor Value
2 V 47k5 ohms
2.25 V 39k2 ohms
2.5 V 35k2 ohms
2.75 V 31k0 ohms
3.00 V 27k8 ohms
3.25 V 25k0 ohms
3.5 V 22k1 ohms
3.75 V 21k0 ohms
4 V 20k0 ohms

If you'd like, I can e-mail you a scan of the page in the Alpha manual that has all those instructions.

Hope that helps.