Lower sensitivity and plays louder?

Ok so I got a 30 or 35 watt per channel rotel integrated a week or so ago. When i got it I hooked it up to a pair of Energy towers rated at 91db. Had to crank the amp well over halfway to get to normal listening level.Then my B&W dm303's showed up, hooked em up and get the same volume with the control well under halfway!!! What gives? In my towers there are 4 midrange drivers each and a tweet, the BW's are 2 ways so maybe thats the reason but i really dont think so.
B&W is going to be very conservative in their specs and they are probably rated at 8 ohms (an easier load to drive). I do not know the impedence rating for the Energy but they probably only give a nominal impedance and it could have some frequencies that have considerably lower impedance which makes for a more difficult load for the amplifier.
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