LP 12 with Fidelity Resurch Arm Fr64s

I have acquired a Sondek with a FR64s arm and Accuphase AC2 cartridge.
The AC2 Cartridge is a low output piece (.2mV) This requires a high gain phono stage, I am thinking of a Naim Stageline because I have a power supply left over from my Naim setup.
Has any one heard this arm on a Sondek?
My temptation is to remove and sell the FR64s and get a Ekos or Naim Arrow arm.
Anyone with thoughts on the Accuphase cartridge?

All input welcome!

The FR64S is too heavy for the Linn. Now you have a dilemma. Do you sell the Linn and get a table that will maximize the performance of the Fr64S, or do you sell the arm and get an Ekos? Great arm, great table, poor match. The upside is that there is a strong demand for both the Linn and FR arm.
Geoffrey, you may want to check into the gain on the stageline, it may not be enough for that low of output of a cartridge. You may also need to find out the loading that cartridge likes.
I do have a line on a Linn Ekos SE. I have suspected that the FR64s is overweight for the Lp12. The Stageline is the "S" Model, apparently correct for the low output Accuphase cartridge.
What table can handle the FR 64s?