LS3/5A owners - what sub do you use with them

Hello Everyone,
I sold my main system speakers some time ago and decided
to temporarily try the LS3/5A's.
Now I am so addicted to their sound and consider keeping them in my main system.
As my room is a bit too large for LS3/5A I want to add a sub which would give me fullrange LS3/5A sound.
Your thoughts/help would be highly appreciated.
Try this site. I would not push these speakers in a big room. Naturally they will distort at modest levels.
Check with the yahoo ls3a user group. I think there are differences of opinion on use of subs due to something about the the impedence curve.
forgot to add. I wonder know if you can just add say the gini, or AB dedicated sub made a while back by rogers i think to any ls35a-given the different ohm various over of the years. I run a 15 ohm version myself
I have the 15ohm versions and use a REL Strata in my dedicated listening room; I'm careful to adjust the REL so its role is very discrete...I'd rather have it set at a slightly low level, than slightly high. Bass with conrad johnson amplifcation (both tubes and solid state) is very natural. My listening preferences are mainly classical and jazz.

Probably most REL owners would agree that this company's subs integrate well with a variety of speakers. Part of the reason must be REL's avoidance of interconnects in favor of drawing the signal off of your main amp's speaker terminals.
I use a pair Satterberg MW-2's. They are very rare, seldom seen. Prices are usually low because not many people are familiar with them. They were designed in the early 80's specifically for 15 ohm LS3/5a's. They have an internal crossover that passes the signal to the Rogers. There was a great review in the Absolute sound about that time also. They were made in Portland, OE. The sound is continious, smooth and definately full range. I know where there might be a pair for sale, not sure it he has the original boxes, 87 lbs. net each. Please let me know if you are interested in more info. Good luck, great listening.
Dave in Kalamazoo
You might want to consider the Gini Bass Extension cabinets for the LS3/5A. And according to information on their site they'll match with any LS3/5A.

Anyway, here's a link -
Just make sure you get a sub (passive or active) that rolls off the bass to the LS3/5a. You need to get rid of that bass hump and you'll be amazed how it cleans up the rest of the audio spectrum and increases power handling.