LSA speakers?

The name LSA came up in some other threads. I am always curious about small hidden gem type companies. Does anyone have any experience with these? Comparison with other specific models will be great, but impressions will do.
Yes, the LSA speakers are from DK Design. But I auditioned the LS2 at length at my dealer and they sound fantastic. The VS VR2s, which sit right next to the LS2s in the room, didn't sound as smooth or as open. I didn't get to compare them to any other speakers.

The cabinet quality of the LS2 is excellent and the rosewood finish is really classy but the drivers look just like the VS drivers...probably sourced from the same place but I can't say for sure. Arthur

YOU WERE RIGHT, "LSA is a brand name used by "DK Designs" who is now LSA Group and LS3-5a is the code name of a '60s BBC spkr design for monitoring inside recording vans".

LSA is in no way affiliated with any of the BBC licensed LS35as. I was just making the point that the LS35as are still around and in addition to their use in recording vans they are a classic reference quality nearfield home speaker.

By way of comparison only, I feel the DK Design LSA2s have a palpable, uncolored midband sonic character similar to LS35as (BBC Monitors), and a smooth sweet extended quality to the treble that reminds me of Avant Gardes. The primary difference is that they can jump jive and rock(perhaps in the way of an Audio Physic but with a warmer, bass reflex kind of sound). I'll also restate the fact that rather than "brutally revealing the weaknesses in the audio chain and source material" they seem to be very forgiving of the source and make everything you hear through them sound good. I'd be curious to know why this is.

Gregm, I apologize if I confused the issue earlier, your initial post to this thread was indeed correct.
I bought a pair of LSA 1s last December after comparing them to the B&W DM603 S3s (which I had intended to buy when I went in my local dealer). To my ears they sounded much better (more realistic, with a broader soundstage, and better midrange and bass).

After listening to them for six months now they just seem to get better, and I have no regrets. I haven't heard some of the speakers referenced in this forum, but I think the LSAs are a great value.

The company is owned by a man named Larry Staples. LSA is located in Lexinton, KY. and their e-mail address is:

If you are in the market for a new set of great spekers at a resonable price I suggest that you contact then to find a dealer in your area. Unless you are really into ultra high-end speakers I don't think you will be dissappointed in the LSAs