LSA Warp 1 Class D amplifier

I bought a LSA Warp 1 on Audition for my wife’s  moderate audio system 

it is much better then I thought ,I had the Parasound 23A amp with a bunch of Synergistic purple fuses ,and the warp 1 is over$1k   cheaper with the fuse upgrades and more musical with nice tight bass and very musical for the sale price of $1200 a great value after 200+ hours.
the only limitation is when played on very inefficient speakers, my wife  has  maggi 1.6  .these are 83 db efficient , the clipping lights came on when cranked over 92 db which is pretty loud and shut down when I wanted to really push it .

the design very well thought out ,it’s protection circuit just disconnected  the outputs . I hit the reset button and back up and running , and inside very surprised Nichicon power  capacitors , and Nichicon Gold on the outputs , with Big shielded Copper inductors  andHD ofc Copper wire . And machined case is solid . Underwood Wally has a even better Gan model with vaccum tube buffer and much more power 300-550 wpc . At $2k currently on sale. I must say wally has a lot of very good value products , Audio GD  preamps and digital is solid and very good quality and value. 


I am really enjoying my Warp 1 that I picked to use while I wait for my Decware tube amp to get built.  It is paired with a Supratek Cab tube preamp which is a great match.    The Warp 1 is dead quiet, very detailed, fantastic bass (and it’s class D), nice warmer sound but with speed like SS and runs cool.    Incredible value to say the least.  My speakers are 91db, my pre has nice adjustable gain and I don’t listen in the 90’s so the power is a plenty.  Great quality amp that helps to keep me from thinking about my Decware amp order👍  Thank you team LSA!