Lumin App-Qobuz Question

I can't figure out how to get albums I add to favorites to be configured alphabetically by artist instead of date I added. Thanks to any who respond. When using Tidal there was a little pictograph in the source bar you could tap and it would rearrange the albums from date added to alphabetical by artist. I can't find that using Qobuz with the Lumin app.
My Aurender Conductor App using Qobuz also does not sort my favorite albums by artist name.

Unfortunately, the issue is that Qobuz needs to build an API so Aurender (and others) can build the required coding for album sorting options.  Maybe the Lumin App has the same issue. 

I have emailed Qobuz several times and I know they are working on an API but they have not provided a finish date.   If possible, I suggest you also email them. 
thanks HG, that's what I suspected. I emailed Lumin and got no response. I will now email Qobuz. I like the music choices and the sound quality is terrific.
@tuberist, Thank you for emailing Qobuz and requesting an API for sort options by artist, etc.  I was a beta tester for Qobuz and have been requesting this capability since I started testing earlier this year.  I know they are working on the API but have been unable to get a finish date.  

I have already emailed Aurender and they are patiently waiting for Qobuz to release their API instructions. 

I also do not know how long it will take Lumin, Aurender, etc. to implement the API.  I am adding more favorites to Qobuz and sort options by artist name, etc. will make it much easier for me to find the album I want.  Thanks again.  

Now we wait.  
See response below from Qobuz Customer Support:

“Thanks for your follow up email. We are still working with our partners to deploy our new API. I don't have a firm date of the deployment for you. However, I can say that we are getting closer to the finish line. I would say to check back within the month”.  

This means, I hope, Qobuz is getting close to releasing their API to their 3rd partners.  I have no info on how long it will take for Aurender, Lumin, etc.  to update their software with the new API.  

Qobuz reports “Our API is completely revamping the whole system in order to provide first in class metadata to our third party partners. I don't have a time line for you outside of early falll 2019. I wish I could provide you with more information about it”.    

I do not know what the first in class metadata means.   Maybe our 3rd party Apps will have access to additional album info.    So, now we wait a little longer.  

I just emailed Qobuz Customer Support and asked for information regarding the release of the Qobuz Sort API.

I know the Qobuz Development Staff is very busy.  They have been talking about the Qobuz API Sort Feature for a while and I am hoping it becomes available soon.   

Qobuz sort options by Artist name is a high priority feature (for me) and needs to be implemented.  I find my albums by artist name so sort options are required.  

  Thanks Howard for keeping me in the loop. I am going to give roon a try because then I’ll be able to get the sorting by artist that I need. Happy new year, Larry Kennedy Tuberist
Qobuz Customer Support reports "I do not have more of an update for you other than our team is working on it with Aurender.  We hope to have it rolled out to the public soon".

Unfortunately, I have no additional information on when the Qobuz Sort API will be available or what the word 'soon' means.     
I emailed Qobuz today, AGAIN, and asked if they have any updated NEWS from their Developers regarding the release of the Qobuz sort API.   The Qobuz sort API is taking a  long time to be developed AND I am still waiting.  For example:

1) Their November 6th, 2019 email says "I'm walking this question over to the API team now. I'll be back in touch when I have heard more information about this".  

2) Their August 15th, 2019 email says "Our API is completely revamping the whole system in order to provide first in class metadata to our third party partners. I don't have a time line for you outside of early Fall 2019. I wish I could provide you with more information about it”.

3)  Their July 12th, 2019 email says "I hope we can get this rolled out for you and all of our users in the very near future”. 

Once Qobuz completes the Qobuz SORT API, the Aurender Developers have to implement it for my Aurender N10 Music Server.   Qobuz sort options by Artist name is a HIGH priority feature and needs to be implemented.   I find my albums by artist name so sort options are required.   
I received the following response from Qobuz Customer Support regarding my above Sort API question:

"I appreciate you bringing this back to my attention. Unfortunately I do NOT have any updates for you regarding the SORT API as of right now".
The “mconnect Player” app (iPhone) and the “mconnect Player HD” app (iPad in landscape-only) added Qobuz sorting 2 months ago. It is a UPnP/DLNA controller, so although it does not support OpenHome extensions, it does work on my Lumin U1 Mini and Oppo 205. So the API has been updated and implemented by at least one third party developer. The mconnect apps added TIDAL “My Mix” support as well; the only 3rd-party app that I know of that has support for those playlists.
More info on mconnect.

Sorry for the long post but it’s a copy-and-paste from an answer I gave on another forum:

The maker of mconnect is Conversdigital. They have “player” apps and “controller” apps; you want the players not the controllers (which are for their own line of OEM network cards used in a number of streamers from small companies like PS Audio). 

In the App Store look for “mconnect Player” (iPhone), and “mconnect Player HD” for the iPad. Here’s a link for the help page for the player apps, which is worthwhile since there are no instructions in the app for setting things up.

Two months ago Conversdigital added sorting options in the favorites sections of Qobuz. For albums, click the three-dot menu and you can sort by Album, by Artist, and by Date Added. They also added “My Mix” playlists for TIDAL, if you use TIDAL; the only app to support that so far, except for the native TIDAL app.

So the API’s have been updated, and I was hoping BluSound and Lumin would have updated their apps to do everything mConnect Player does, but not yet. I think it’s only a matter of time, since mConnect shows it’s possible.

In the mean time, give it a try. I recommend the iPad app (mConnect Player HD) to start because it’s easier to learn the interface. It connects to any UPnP/DLNA streamer. I started using it back in 2018 to stream to an Oppo 205. When I got the Lumin I was pleasantly surprised that the app worked with it too.

Note: mconnect Player HD, the iPad version, only works in landscape mode. So, if you don’t like holding your iPad in landscape position then go with the non-HD version (it works on both iPhones and iPads in portrait only).