LUMIN app question

Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of problems/glitches/stupid user issues I’m having with a new LUMIN u2 mini. I’m using the U2 mini to stream Qobuz and Apple Music. Here are my questions or problems. 
1. When I completely close the app on my phone or iPad, the LUMIN will not turn back on. I have to remove the power plug and plug it back in. If I leave the app open, even after turning the unit off, no problems. This is livable but really annoying. 
2. When creating playlists on the LUMIN app, the list gets listed vertically on the left side. The artist and album is there with the songs listed underneath. There is a tab on the left top that says playlists or Qobuz. When I click playlists, the stock Fleetwood Mac is the only one there. Mine are listed on the left but not in the much more convenient grid system with no song tracks. I’ve seen peoples lists be listed here. 
3. Can  the albums listed vertically on the left be alphabetized?

4. Lastly, the unit turned off in the middle of playing and I had to reboot the unit by unplugging and restarting. Has anyone experienced this?

Any help with any of these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


1. I'm not sure about this one. If the LUMIN U2 Mini is still on (you haven't flipped the power switch on the back) then leaving or closing the LUMIN app should not affect the unit. It will still be on, and stay on, playing music you already queued up, etc. None of the LUMIN units turn off when you close or force quit the LUMIN app. It might have gone to sleep eventually (check your device settings in the LUMIN app) but it should still show up and you should still be able to use it when you reopen the LUMIN app.

2. I think you meant to refer to the Qobuz Playlists grid/list item in the main panel to the right side of the screen? When you have Qobuz selected from the tabs? Those are Qobuz playlists and not the LUMIN queue or a LUMIN playlist. If you want Qobuz content to show up in a Qobuz playlist, you have to explicitly add content to an existing or new Qobuz playlist. Press and hold on something and then select "Add to Qobuz Playlist". This will only add it to a Qobuz playlist–it will not also add it to the LUMIN queue.

3. The things listed in the left side vertical list is your LUMIN queue. There are no meta-reorganization functions to manage the queue. Things are added the way you chose to add them. You would have to manually redo it.

4. I have not heard of this happening before. You should probably reach out to LUMIN support. Maybe it is related to the issue you are describing in #1.

Thanks for the reply nekoaudio. I was able to figure out the Qobuz playlist transfer method to grid layout in LUMIN app. Requires a few steps but at least I can get it to work. 
The shutdown after closing the app situation I put in a request with LUMIN. Hopefully, they will respond. I will reach out to the audio shop on Tuesday. Not such a big deal to leave the phone app or iPad app open but doesn’t seem right. 
I look forward to the day when the streamer companies figure out an easier way to do these this. How about, Hey Siri, add Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers to playlist. I could make millions!


I have only experienced the “power down” you’ve described once since owning my U2 Mini and I think it might be a sleep function as Neko describes above. I was mildly alarmed when it happened as I usually just slide the power tab to the left and close the app when I’m finished listening. Pulling the power cable and powering back on was all it took to reset and it’s not happened since.

Just an FYI there is a large Lumin user group at the Aphile Style site- quick searches there may help you narrow this down further and you can ask questions directly to Lumin engineers as well.

Thanks designsfx. Will check them out. Would really be helpful if LUMIN released how to videos or had a hotline. 
What’s funny is I decided to go the streamer route versus the Jplay and connect route for ease of use. I read quite a few concerns with setting up all the different tabs in those apps. Can’t imagine it’s harder than this. Perhaps time consuming is a better way to describe the process. Anyway, I’m figuring out the quirks each day. Thanks again. 

I use the U1 Mini w/S-Booster... it's outstanding. So, there are settings in the Lumin app that control just about everthing including shut down. I have mine set to turn off 10mins after I close the app & system: Lumin goes into sleep mode. When I open the app again, the Lumin wakes. The storred files need to be favorited in whatever streaming app you're using. The Lumin should recognize all your Qobuz & AM favorites and playlists. Does take a while to get used to and to customize the upsampling settings but once finished, excellent product.

I much prefer both the Auralic Lighning app & BlueOS to the Lumin app though - for such an outstanding product they should up their app game. Don't mind the OM being online but the layout and overall look/feel is really very '00s.

Just my opinion...