Lumin T2 question

I have the Lumin T2 connected to my Anthem 1120 via analog. Not sure if I have it connected correctly as when I click info on the Anthem it will not show if the music playing the resolution that the Lumin shows. I have Tidal, Qobuz and I stream my converted CD's, The Lumin always shows whether it is 24/192 or a lower resolution but the Anthem does not change and the music sounds the same whether I am streaming Qobuz, Tidal or my own CD's. I must have it wired incorrectly. I am also using a Moon Sim 330A amp. Any suggestions on how it should be wired? Thanks


You are not going to see any nomenclature you areg going out analog only digital will give you. A sampling rate and other info



There is no way to pull that data from analog


You are running correctly

@galleybob If you have the Lumin connected via analog to the Anthem, the Anthem will not show the original resolution of the stream.  This is because the digital stream has already been converted to an anlog signal by the time it reaches the Anthem and the encoding information is no longer available.  In this way you are using the (almost assuredly) better DAC in the Lumin to decode the digital signal. If you're just curious, you could send the digital signal from the Lumin (via one of the digital outs - USB or BNC/SPDIF) to one of the digital inputs on the Anthem. In this way you're just using the Lumin as a streamer and the Anthem's DAC will be decoding the stream (and would be able to display the resolution of the stream).

thank you @Audiotroy and @djohnson54. It makes sense to me what you both said. Thank you for your answers. I was concerned that I was getting the optimal resolution from the Lumin