Luminous Audio unresponsive

I have taken an interest in purchasing my first passive preamp. Having good reviews and low cost I thought I would give the Axiom ll with Walker mod a try. 

My first attempt to contact them was via private message on Audiogon on December 7th. My second was directly on their public listing on Audiogon on December 9th. My third was via email thru the Luminous Audio web page on, I believe, the 11th of December. 

As of today, the 19th, I have not received any response to any of my messages. 

Am I attempting to deal with a bad company?

What experience have others had with purchasing from Luminous Audio?


They read emails first from those requested from their web site. They are busy and the holidays are here, so time with family. Be patient. Sooooooooworth the wait. I am the biggest fan...Try : Always, MrD.